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Casino.MX is one of the most trusted internet casinos, recommended by baccarat players worldwide. The business is licensed, offers generous bonuses, and guarantees all payouts (scroll down for an in-depth company info). Moreover, Casino MX offers around-the-clock customer support, reachable by phone, chat, and email.


Baccarat Games

Choose from many variations, including Baccarat, mini Baccarat, Baccarat Pro, Baccarat Pro – High Limit, Baccarat Pro – low Limit, and live dealer baccarat.

Apart from baccarat games, at Casino.MX you can play other popular casino games as well, including blackjack, video poker, craps, LIVE DEALER roulette, and many more. And you can bet on your favorite sports to boot. At Casino.MX, you can bet on motor sports, boxing, cycling, football, basketball, baseball, Rugby Union, American Football, snooker, MMA, golf, volleyball, horse races, Rugby League, cricket, hockey, tennis, and many more sports.

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Company Information


Licensing: Curacao (non-US players only)

Auditor: Price WaterhouseCoopers

Customer Service: Chat, Telephone, and Email

Payment Options: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, PaySafeCard, Neteller, Skrill, and many other local payments.

Languages: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French

Currencies: USD, EURO, GBP

Software: Microgaming, Betsoft ,Ezugi, NetEnt, BetConstruct, and others.

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Counting Cards in Baccarat Site Games

Baccarat site games do have similarities with blackjack, as many have noted, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that both games rely on card counting strategies. What exactly is that?

Card counting

Card counting in blackjack may actually help you increase the odds, but things stand differently when it comes to baccarat site games. First of all, baccarat is rarely played in the same way from table to table. In some cases, dealers/bankers burn cards at the outset of the game, while on other tables used cards are returned to the shoe before it empties completely. Obviously, this makes it quite difficult to remember the cards that have been played. The main issue here is that players cannot change their bets during play. Simply put, even if a baccarat player realized they could win more on a certain hand, they must stick to their original bet.

Experienced baccarat site game players claim that card counting is not worth the fuss! The odds change insignificantly during a shoe. Some baccarat site players believe that keeping track of the 4s and 6s helps with increasing the odds: the fewer 4s left, the better the banker’s hand; the fewer 6s left, the better the player’s hand.

Baccarat scorecards

Every licensed baccarat site provides the players with scorecards. And many indeed mark down the outcomes of each hand, hoping to learn something from streaks (multiple wins or losses in a row) and other patterns. Since this habit doesn’t affect the outcome of the game in any way, casinos always condone it.

Here’s how it works in practice. For argument’s sake, let’s say that the banker’s hand has won eight times in a row. You might think that the player’s hand must win on the next round, but, there’s no certainty that will happen. Either hand might win! Actually, the banker’s hand could just keep winning for another eight hands in a row! And this is what makes baccarat site games so much fun! Baccarat hands are mutually exclusive: the outcome of one hand doesn’t affect the outcome of the next.

Still, watching for streaks and patterns can be fun. As expected, this practice has given rise to many a “streak superstition”. Some of them are listed below.

• Never bet against a streak. If the banker’s hand has won more hands in a row, wager on the banker’s hand;
• If a streak exceeds three bets, stop betting until the streak has come to an end;
• If hands chop four times in a row, on the fifth hand wager with the chop (the last hand to win).

Baccarat Site recommendations

The good news is, you can always play baccarat for free online. At Baccarat Site you’ll find the best licensed baccarat bonus site recommendations, which will help you achieve your financial goals in no time. Bet safely and risk-free at some of the best wagering sites out there. Sign up today!

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Baccarat Site Presents: Punto Banco

Baccarat is a fast-paced, thrilling game loved by both expert and novice gamblers. What’s more, every licensed baccarat site offers many baccarat bonuses, aimed at helping new players get some expertise for free. Whether you0re into baccarat for fun or money, you’ll get a chance to perfect your skills for free.

The game you’ll be playing is called punto banco and is one of baccarat variants (the remaining two being chemin de fer and baccarat banque). Given that it’s a game of chance, make sure to know the rules.

Punto Banco Tableau

You can bet on either of the two hands (banker and player). Most casinos offer the payouts of 95% for banker bets and 8 to 1 odds for a tie. A 5% commission is reserved for the casino, regardless of the outcome.

Baccarat site games have fixed drawing rules (the tableau). If the score of 8 or 9 isn’t reached, the following rules apply:

Baccarat Site Player Tableau:

1. If the total is 0 – 5: the player draws the third card;

2. If the total is 6 or 7: the player stands.

Baccarat Site Banker Tableau:

1. The player has two cards only: solely the banker is taken into account. The same tableau from above applies.

2. The player has three cards:

1.If the total is 2 or 3: banker draws with 0 – 4 and stands with 5 – 7;

2. If the total is a 4 or 5: banker draws with 0 – 5, and stands with 6 – 7;

3. If the total is a 6 or 7: banker draws with 0 – 6, and stands with 7;

4. If the total is 8: banker draws with 0 – 2, and stands with 3 – 7;

5. If the player has an Ace/ 9 /10: banker draws with 0 – 3, and stands with 4 – 7.

Baccarat Site recommended sites

As you can see, baccarat site games are extremely interesting on top of being profitable. What you want to take care of, however, is collecting free bonuses offered by every licensed baccarat site out there. And at Baccarat Site you’ll find finest recommendations in that regard. All baccarat casinos listed here are licensed, offer generous bonuses, and guarantee payouts. Sign up today to start playing this fascinating game for free!

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Baccarat Site: Advantages of Online Baccarat Games

Baccarat is one of the best loved casino games, the main factors contributing to its popularity being the game simplicity and the fun factor. Additionally, as baccarat site games are also widely known as James Bond’s favorite, it is somewhat cool to master them, don’t you think?

Advantages of Online Baccarat

Many gamblers do! On top of being fairly simple, baccarat site games also have one of the best house edges: ca. 1.06%. As things stand now, the game is among the favorite pastimes of both amateur and professional gamblers.

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